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{{= :: ***HAPPY REVOLUTIONARY NEW YEAR*** rawr :: =}} [29 Dec 2008|12:24am]


yeah... a crackling end to it maybe, but... in general...

how was 2008?


as a new year dawns
we glisten
here and more
to come
moving in action
as procrastinating in-action
has left the building
walls surrounding clarity disappearing
you are
we are
and all


we know it too...

yet... where to now, we ponder...??

I Left my job my boss my car and my home,
I'm leaving for a destination i still don't know ,
somewhere nobody must have duties at all,
and if you like this you can follow me so lets go,
follow me and lets go,
to the place where we belong and leave our troubles at home,
come with me,
we can go to a paradise of love and joy at Destination unknown, known, known, known....unknown, known, known, known....

destination unkown

now i won't feel those heavy shoulders no more, my life got better now I finally enjoy, yes all the people want to come here and so? Come on and join us you can do that now, lets go, follow me, and lets go, to the place where we belong and leave our troubles at home, come with me, we can go to a paradise of love and joy, a destination unknown, known, known, known...

We left the city the pollution the crowd, the air is clean, the ocean's blue, I love that sound, We're happy for this destination we've found, and if you want this you can follow me, lets go, follow me, and lets go, to the place where we belong and leave our troubles at home, come with me, we can go, to a paradise of love and joy, a destination unknown, known, known, known....unknown, known, known, known....

Destination Unknown


(from Esoteric Agenda)

wishing you many truly ~*amazing*~ moments, plentified with tons of good shit :)


x geoff

for more, plz...; feel free ~


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A Brief Introduction to The 5th Dimension/post-shift/4th Density..... [03 Sep 2008|08:10pm]


Read more...Collapse )
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Iran VS Israel [09 May 2008|03:47pm]

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[06 Apr 2008|04:26pm]

biggest in history
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UDP Brief Update [03 Apr 2008|08:57pm]


After a long period of seeming inaction, the flow towrdz freedom has picked-up incredible speed and all is looking good ~ any questions, plz feel free to ask

will begin to update this space as regular as possible, yet in the meantime it's well worth checking out the following.....


...It seemz to be
For All to be free

check this out
...and see

Evolutionary Television for Evolutionary People

Fun, enlightening and inspiring

~*our own*~ TV Channel!

What do you want to see...?
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A plea for help. [12 Sep 2007|09:42pm]

I've seen this a few times before and never thought i'd be doing it myself... but it's worth a shot an i'd like to see how successful such a request can become. I want to become an entrepreneur but i need your help!

Please see my profile for more information!

Sorry if this offends you in any way... like i said... it's worth a shot!
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the spirit of christmas and the 5th dimension [25 Dec 2006|04:00am]


Welcome to the future

We are family....let's lighten-up reality"

more to this than meets the eye

wishing you peace, love and laughter

for now, forever

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the dynamicx of applied logic in relation to peace [20 Sep 2006|07:15pm]

....it's on it's way!


part one

part two

hope it makes sense ;)

sorry it's been a while since writing in here, but work is still carrying on, and looking real good

i'm not on livejournal at all now really, as myspace is proving to be a more-than-effective tool for communication & sharing information ~ please feel free to contact me via that if ya wish

ok... i hope that you're all well & alive with smiles

*nice one*

:) geoff x
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unity of consciousness [10 Aug 2006|08:14pm]

the following is a really good summation of change

i dunno who wrote it, but that doesn't matter really

is all good :)

That we are moving into a time of profound change is a message that many people of many different cultures are receiving in many different ways. Not just through "direct transmission"; it is apparent to anyone awake enough and courageous enough simply to think, that we are moving into a period of unprecedented change. Whether you focus on the exponential growth of technology (which is beginning to allow totally amoral entities (corporations) to alter DNA and otherwise toy with the foundations of physical existence) or whether you focus on the fact that the "system" as we know it is on the brink of collapse (economic globalization is a global pyramid scheme, doomed for the same reason as all pyramid schemes) or whether you focus on the "environment" (and the awakening that global warming is bringing), it is obvious even at the thought level that we are moving into something unprecedented.

At that level, I think that the nation-state system (an experiment little more than half a millennium old) is going to break down very soon, probably within decades. Transnational corporations depend on governments in order to function, but through "free trade" they are increasingly weakening the power of governments to do anything except try to physically control populations to serve the transnational agenda, and combined with other factors like migrations of populations across borders, they are making governments increasingly irrelevant. The transnationals are like parasites killing their host -- when governments die, the transnationals will die with them. The nature of the corporate system is such that corporations -- at least the powerful ones, in order to have grown powerful in the first place -- cannot even act in their own long-term interests; they can only focus on the profits of the next quarter or two.

Whether the collapse of the system is a soft landing or a hard landing for our species depends on how fast it happens and how awakened and prepared our species groupmind is, and the awakening is spreading very fast, such that I think our species is willing itself to prepare for a transition that is gradual and positive rather than traumatically abrupt.

And the reason for this, I think and receive, is because the change that is happening at this time is more than just socio-political. Much, much more. But if our species groupmind -- already carrying much trauma for the past few thousand years in its collective memory -- has to deal with even more massive trauma, it will just make the real Transformation a more difficult birth.

("Transformation" is the word that I have been told to use for the change that is coming, in spite of the fact that it can be misunderstood in many ways.)

What is the scope of the Transformation? Although people everywhere are sensing change, I have seen the change framed by many people as relatively trivial -- compared, for example, to the Renaissance, or the mere change from one 2100-year zodiacal age to another (according to some ways of drawing the boundaries between constellations, the Age of Aquarius begins in 2013).

What I have received, however, is that the Transformation is far greater than that.

What I have received is that this planet has had three great "moments": first, the birth of the Planet itself; second, the emergence of Life on this Planet; and third, the emergence of human-style consciousness within Life.

This "moment," I have received, is a fourth great "moment" comparable to those three.

And this Transformation will effect the entire Planet, not just the human species groupmind. Western culture since the Greeks has been obsessed with the question of "what separates Man from the animals" -- but the emergence of human-style consciousness was not something that separates us from the rest of Life. Human consciousness is an EXTENSION of the collective consciousness -- not a separation. We have had a hyperdevelopment of the aspects of consciousness which are distinct to our species, while letting the deeper layers of consciousness which are shared with all life to atrophy. Those deeper layers are also what connect us to each other, so it is no wonder that, as we have fragmented ourselves off from the rest of our Planet, we have also fragmented internally, losing our sense of connection to the One Consciousness, and, fractally, that also causes internal fragmentation of ourselves as individuals.

The reconnection happens simultaneously within ourselves as individuals, within the Human species groupmind, between our species and Life as a whole, and between our species and the One Consciousness of all Creation.

But it is more than just recovering the consciousness of unity and connection that our species all had before "civilization" began. In coming full circle, we are bringing something powerful back to the groupmind.

Our species has been through a deep trauma over the past few thousand years, and we have developed a negative self-image as a species, and a negative self-image is a self-fulfilling prophecy, at the species level just as at the individual level.

But if you have a trauma, and you manage to move through it and out the other side, you are wiser and deeper than you would have been if you had never had that trauma in the first place.

This is what I see our species moving through, collectively, as we struggle to heal ourselves as individuals and as a species. Every individual who heals himself or herself contributes to the healing of the Whole.

We have been, I have received, destined to move through this fourth great "moment" at this time. It did not have to be as traumatic as it has turned out to be -- it is sort of like a "breech birth" that threatens the life of both mother and child -- but when we get through it, it will be a new phase of existence. For ALL Being, for the One Consciousness as a WHOLE, not just for the human species. All of our experience belongs to ALL of Consciousness, and ultimately enriches it.

I resonate with those who say that 2012 is the "end of time," because I receive that at that point, the Human groupmind is going to start moving outside of its focus on linear time, and dates on a linear calendar are going to become increasingly irrelevant. The Mayan calendar, I have received, is more than just another system for fixing dates in time. It has multidimensional aspects that will begin to be discovered. That is why people are being drawn to the Mayan calendar, without knowing why.

These are some things that I have received about the scope of the Change that is happening.

The One Consciousness is experiencing through all of us. We are all of us (every manifest and nonmanifest being, not just humans) expressions of the One Consciousness experiencing countless different experiences from countless different points of view. It is sort of like a huge role-playing game it plays with itself. When it is in a role, it is really in it, and fully believes in what it is experiencing.

But right now the game is getting a little wacked out, so the One Consciousness needs to reset the game. In order to do that, it has to kind of "wake up" within the role-play -- kind of like waking up within a dream to lucid-dream. It is trying to lucid-dream, to operate within the game -- to continue playing as the characters, but with the conscious realization of who it =really= is.

There have always been people whose role in the game has been to try to awaken within the dream. The various spiritual disciplines developed ove the millennia have been the way that the One Consciousness has practiced and gained experience at waking itself up. That is because this time would come, when it needed to wake itself up completely.

This it is trying to do in order to consciously re-set the game, which is getting wacked-out. But, actually, the crises themselves are created by the One Consciousness to catalyze our collective awakening. It is about to set the game at a new level of play, in which it dreams the dream lucidly, so to speak, with full awareness of who and what it is.

At our level, the individuated level, that means that individuals will live their lives in the awareness of being a single consciousness.

Due to accumulated debris and rust in their channels (aka karma, trauma, ego, etc) the One Consciousness has a harder time awakening through some of its expressions than others. But when the One Consciousness awakens in someone, they remember. "Oh. Yeah. Of course. I knew it all along. We all know it, we are all the same being, I am everyone and everyone is me."

As I said, at our level, the individuated level, that means that individuals will live their lives in the full awareness of being a single consciousness, and all the more aware of the precious uniqueness of their experience and their unique way of participating in the co-creation of the universe. After all, that is why the One Consciousness became "them" in the first place, in order to experience.

At that level, human behavior changes, not because the One Consciousness is "good" and tells people to be "good," but because, in awareness that they are One Being, they recognize that everyone's experience (including nonhuman beings' experience) is their own. A society based on empathy, rather than rules, behaves a different way.

So, my definition of enlightenment is -- not when "you wake up" but when the One Consciousness awakes through you. Not when "you" remember, but when it remembers through you.

When this happens suddenly to someone, especially someone unprepared, they may temporarily pass through a period of feeling messianic, deity-like, etc. But when they pass through that, they realize that the "messiah" or "God" is not them, it's all of us and far more.

Every individual who becomes "enlightened" contributes to the awakening of the human groupmind, and through the human groupmind, the re-awakening of the One Consciousness in every being, every river and mountain ... Human consciousness and the consciousness of the rest of creation have always been linked. The One Consciousness has been experimenting with a special brand of consciousness through us humans, but that experiment has run its course -- and now, as we awaken, the distinctive human modes of consciousness and other modes of consciousness (plants, minerals, etc) will be reintegrated, and we will all of us (all beings) have access to all modes of consciousness. Because we are all the same being.

I have seen suggestions that 2012 "is just a repeat of Y2K." But the brief Y2K ripple was just a manifestation of what is happening in the human groupmind as we approach the 2012. The more that people feel this energy happening, the more they jump on an explanation for what they are feeling.

Y2K made people visualize the collapse of the infrastructure, visualize how they would survive in a collapse. That visualization in the groupmind will prove to be important.

The 2012 is less a point in linear time than a focal point that we can synchronize on so that the One Consciousness can awaken. The very act of synchronizing a significant critical mass of the awakened or awakening part of the groupmind -- synchronizing our consciousness does it. There is something that is calling to people all over the place and giving them messages to focus and synchronize on this point in linear time. That is why so many different prophecies are converging. That is why global warming, which had been predicted not to manifest significant human-affecting effects for at least a century or two, decided to speed up and manifest right now, right when the human groupmind needs as strong a catalyst as it can get in order to wake up. This is why the US got a president who is destroying the system from the inside and helping to catalyze a degree of awakening in a lot more people.

It doesn't matter if "the majority of people" wake up or not. There is no "majority of people." There is one human groupmind, which is in turn a unique manifestation of One field of Consciousness. "The majority of people" follow whatever they sense the groupmind doing, and the groupmind will be guided by its awakened part, especially now.
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America: Freedom to Fascism [16 Jun 2006|07:28am]

Apologies for 'spam', please read.Collapse )
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my climate change documentaries [20 May 2006|06:21am]

Hi. (xposted, srry)

I made a few documentaries on climate change and especially cliamte change solutions. These movies are between 10 and 5 years old, but somehwo still bnot really out of date (10 years ago it was tough telling people some of this stuff that seemed "crazy" then). They are online now and free, so feel free to check them out!

so anyway, the fist one is really more like an activist movie, pretty in your face (and for most people heer, teh 20 minute intor might be redundant) but its still got something.... it's called the earth changes, or EARTHCHANGE I

the second one was a little toned-down (I aimed it at hughschool kids, but eventually it got used in a lot of colleges) its also focused more on solutions (but not hiding the problems), it's also called the Earth changes, or EARTHCHANGE II (attack of the CO2s)

ECI is 2 hrs long with an intermission, and ECIII is three 35 minute long parts. SO youmay want to download them before watching them.... but please be sure to let me know what you think! Thanks!
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bulletins [06 Mar 2006|10:17pm]

a nice summary of bulletins i posted on myspace which are worth a peek at.....

some bulletins ~ revolution NOW!Collapse )
we will not be silencedCollapse )
protecting america from the REAL terroristsCollapse )
copsCollapse )
the ides of marchCollapse )
revolution meetingCollapse )
you are in charge of youCollapse )
turn on to tuning inCollapse )
tune in from your heartCollapse )
obstacles & healingCollapse )
Dr Cocktail's remedy for stress and worries.....Collapse )
chill.....Collapse )
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II PEACE [27 Feb 2006|06:53pm]


click here

Friendz in need:

jane sighs upon another day
lost to health, she breathes
and bleeds through a dialysis machine

while i scream

as a honey-pie sweetie gets beaten
relentless danger, fear corrupts
yet she remains with a warming smile

while i cry

for help to help us all
friendz close and far a part
"action now" i call to end procrastination
"fuck this patience"
why should we be carrying out this sentence?
we've done no crime
as nature defines
so why?
king kut
is all the same whatever your name
we're all to blame so end that game
for starters
let's bring us to laughter
and truth
for you


shall we review exactly where we're up to....?

in the legend of the fake

lies control

from the big whoppers like "as we and our coalition partners are doing in Afghanistan, we will bring to the Iraqi people food and medicines and supplies -- and freedom" to the comparatively small fish, such as "i did not have sexual relations with that woman" we're fed such a constant stream of bullshit from the authorities we've been told to trust that our lives are bleekly immersed in a cultural quagmire which is basically an oblique fantasy only fit for fools

idolism of celebrity illusion and political correctness carry on the cycle of lies, mistaken programmed prejudices and twisted materialistic values which create more intricate levels of this pantomime world we put up with

it's sickening and deeply heartbreaking that all of us decent (and fucking nice) people are led into confusion, unwittingly upholding the status quo hierarchy which is dragging us all down

angelz in chains

but, enuff of my disgusted ranting - let's take things gently, without the fuck wordz which illustrate just one of those subtle but persistant lies which control those who allow individualized expression to affect their thought process, in believing such is "bad/foul/uncouth/uneducated language" and thus missing out on the real information being shared

same with "God" - whatever your personal belief/perspective on that subject

whilst we're pitched into subjective arguements we're allowing the really vital-to-our-future topicx to blow away into the wind of reality's on-going flight

the factx:

i could say to you that a cabal has highjacked the U.S. Government and is holding the world to ransom whilst their braod scale NWO advances a many-generational agenda for energy dominance (absolute control) of this planet and all it's inhabitants - i could say the next stage of that agenda lookx like beginning on Mar 20th - i could also present mountains of evidence (which many many people have spend valuable time & energy meticulously uncovering) which could help you see this, so that you become so politically-aware, yet it still may not be true, or there could be a wider truth hiding where perhaps even good intentions may be revealed on their part

the point is... it's pointless to argue/debate these sorta thingz

well, perhaps not pointless, as people oughtta know what's going on (as far as is being uncovered)(check NBIC stuff as a cutting-edge example) to alert them to the trap they're willingly walking into, but it is a distraction of energy when we haven't got the luxury of a lotta time, which could be used to focus on what we can do to ged rid of the poo

gaining the power of knowledge


the quest for factx meanz that us decent honest folks need to unite to raise our voice and utilize our power to demand and receive THE TRUTH

(Banshee and The Truth Party being specifically created to catalyze and perform this task)

removing misinformation from our lives we may just find that trust, respect, kindness, unconditional love and simple FUN all flourish ~ all knowing where we stand, and realizing that ANY problem brought to US (as a familia species) WE CAN SOLVE

open honest communication

if we generate, glorify, MAGNIFY this core concept how can such fail....?

spirit of purty

come together


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2012 - awakening now [04 Feb 2006|05:27pm]

all the signz/signalz/messages are there

we're all uniting with awareness/consciousness and will make it through the shift ok - have no fear and just keep shining on

from 2012

Beloved Diviners of Harmony,

It is my job to facilitate your unique awakening by sharing with you the information that is pertinent to your role as a Diviner of Harmony. (Over and over again, the Masters continue to counsel me "Simplify . . . Simplify . . . " And that is what I will do).

The Divine Purpose of the Mayans was to come to our planet and make sure that the galactic harmonic pattern was presented and recorded.

The Mayans may not have been the first of the Galactic Masters to communicate this information from outside our solar system. As a matter of fact, there is information which supports the fact that others seeded the planet sometime around the entry of the current Harmonic Beam (which was 3113 B.C. . . . the beginning of the Mayan Calendar and what is called the Great Cycle). While the Classic Mayan civilization occurred predominantly between 435-830 A.D., the Mayans are credited with bringing the galactic information matrix to us in its entirety.

I agree that it would be interesting to delve into the history of Earth since the beginning of the Great Cycle and see how the Mayan Prophecies were validated. However, since we only have a few years until the end of the cycle (December 21, 2012 A.D.) it is more appropriate that we focus on what lies ahead and concentrate on the roles that we contracted to play during these awesome as well as challenging times. So, let's get right to the hub of the matter.

First of all . . . .what is a Diviner of Harmony?

In his book "The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology," Jose Arguelles explains, "To divine is to know directly by mind." To be a Diviner of Harmony would then be to know directly the harmonic frequencies of a level or stage of being. And . . . in a manner of speaking . . . to be able to tune into and even take on the qualities of that level or stage of being.

Does this sound familiar to you? It should. After all, we have all been working on raising our vibrations from that of the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension. We have all experienced being in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, either through meditation or in the waking state for short periods of time. AND . . . . we are ALL working in the higher dimensions when our bodies are in sleep mode and not tied to the illusions of the Third Dimension by our ego. As we continue to raise our vibrations we will remember those times that we are working in the higher dimensions more and more upon awakening from our earth sleep time.

While being able to tune into and take on the qualities of different levels or stages of being is natural for a "fully awakened" Diviner of Harmony, most of us have to work at lowering our brain wave activity and raising our vibrations (using various modalities) in order to experience the higher dimensions. However, the more we do it, the more we raise our consciousness. Eventually it becomes a matter of "knowing." And, in the process of "knowing" . . . we are automatically "doing."

The Ancient Mayans were Diviners of Harmony. And, we are Diviners of Harmony. It's just that some of us have not yet fully awakened to this fact yet . . . in this dimension and reality. This is one of the reasons why Pacal Votan is here now. . .To assist those Mayan Galactic Masters who are incarnate on Earth at this time to awaken to All that they ARE, and to work with those who have already awakened in facilitating the Ascension of the planet.

We do not have to master the technical aspects of the Harmonic Module in order to awaken or do our work. As a matter of fact, many of you have been doing the work for some time, not even knowing who you are or why you are drawn to the work you are doing.

Those of you who are musicians and artists instinctively know the "basics." You already know the important role that harmony and balance play in raising your vibrations as well as the vibrations of the whole. You are already familiar with wave harmonics and frequency changes. Now, all you have to do is develop (or "remember") the ability to apply this knowledge and use it to pass directly from one state of being to another.

One of the prime directives of achieving alignment with The Whole as a Diviner of Harmony is to extend your realization to other local star systems. By doing this you perpetuate the galactic matrix and contribute to the continually growing and changing web of self-reflective intelligence. Ah, but I think I got ahead of myself.

If we were to have time to review the history of our planet since the beginning of the Great Cycle, we could see how everything evolved according to the prophecies of the Ancient Mayans. It is fascinating to see how, whenever the Ascension process gets slowed down by "free choice," a Mayan Galactic Master happens along to spark the fire once more.

At the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1988 there was a great explosion of energy. Most did not know quite what it was or why it happened, but it was a part of an experiment in living according to the understanding that the Mayans had of calendars, timing systems, and a mathematics that describes time as the fourth dimension.

Yes, it was because of the choices that thousands of Light Servers made back in 1988 that the planet shifted from the Third Dimension into the lowest levels of the Fourth Dimension. At the same time, all those life forms interconnected with the planet (the flora, the fauna and man) automatically made the shift, which accelerated to the middle levels of the Fourth Dimension by the 1990's and is now in the higher levels of the Fourth Dimension.

Because we live on a planet of "free choice," it does not matter what level of Ascension the planet is experiencing. If we do not embrace the Ascension Process we will not have the ability to move from one dimension to another. However, everyone (including the flora and fauna) will continue to experience the higher vibrations because of our innate interconnectedness with the planet. (It's the old "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" syndrome).

What happens when those who have not embraced the Ascension Process experience the higher vibrations but do not know what it is they are experiencing, or why? They become agitated . . . . fearful . . . . and angry. This is what throws off the balance of energies, which affects the harmony that facilitates enlightenment and the Ascension Process.

This is why you . . . the Diviners of Harmony . . .are awakening now. It is our job to ensure that the prophecies come into being . . . to facilitate the harmony and balance that is required in order for the planet to complete its Ascension Process.

How do we do this? First, by striving to achieve balance within ourselves and in all of our relations. Second, by teaching others and assisting them in achieving balance within themselves and all of their relations.

Since the creation of Earth, everything that has transpired throughout the history of the planet has done so according to Divine Order and Purpose. There were times when we strayed so far from our path that it seemed we might never find it again. It was during these times that certain events, including the appearance of Masters and Avatars like Jesus, Buddha and the Galactic Mayans served to assist us in finding our way back.

We are now in the final phase of the Great Cycle. Ascension is imminent. It is time for those of us who are here now to fully awaken to the fact that WE are the Avatars . . . the Galactic Masters. We ARE the Christ . . . the Buddha . . . the Mahatma.

The Mayans gave us some wonderful tools to work with, but it is important to understand that we ARE the Mayans who brought these tools to earth so that we could have them when it was appropriate to use them.

It is important to also understand that WE are The Mayan Factor.

What is the Mayan Factor? In Jose Arguelles' words, "The Mayan Factor is the beginning glimpse of a galactic knowing, a science from the "other side," a connection so vital and necessary for our survival and our evolution that it begs us to embrace the living path of prophecy, the path beyond technology."

I think its important to add that each life form on this planet is an aspect/extension/essence of that galactic knowing . . . that science from the "other side" . . . that connection so vital and necessary for the survival and evolution of all life forms on this planet, in this galaxy, and beyond. And by embracing the living path of prophecy, we become that "Path Beyond Technology."

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Michae Reynolds and Gang take ReUse to the Nth... [19 Jan 2006|05:31pm]

Michael Reynolds and Gang take reuse to the nth
Ok, so this may be old hat to many of you-- but to some of you, this may come as one more inspiring evidence of our evolution, and people turning a negative into a positive! So lets go. No doubt you're aware that there are around 4 billion used tires in North American Dumps, we throw out close to 300 million a year, and Europe isn't that far behind. From the micro swamp breeding grounds for west nile and (increasingly) malaria, to the horrendous tire fires, this is a huge problem that won't go away on its own. But here's Michael Reynolds to show us how problems are sometimes solutions in waiting....
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UDP Newsletter 003 [18 Jan 2006|02:18pm]




Progress of the shift is speeding-up as those who are realising their 5D consciousness are emerging and coming together as family

For an insight into 5th dimensional awareness take a look at your present situation and everyday reality..... the messages/signs confronting you in many & varied forms are calling you to focus

Love, empathy and common sense

The 3x basic elements of evolving with the shift

The shift is happening ~as fact~ so it's wise to get wise if you don't already know, so you can help yourself make it through without attracting any more negative experiences into your life

Watch out for those messages/signs/opportunities within the reality which surrounds you, and don't be afraid of change, or of being yourself (without beating y'self up for any mistakes you make along the way)(m'kay?;)

Love, empathy and common sense will see you through

(click pic for extra help)

be well

with smiles

For further detailz, please click here :-)

I really recommend printing-off the 4D/5D parts and re-reading as your flow of experiences arrive and evolve

It'll help

have beautiful daze


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LOVE [06 Dec 2005|04:57pm]


"love is painful because is creates the way for bliss. love is painful because it transforms; it is a mutation. each transformation is going to be painful because the old has to be left for the new. the old is familiar, secure, safe, the new is absolutely unknown. you will be moving in an uncharted ocean. you cannot use your mind with the new; with the old, the mind is skillful. the mind can function only with the old; with the new, the mind is utterly useless.

hence, fear arises. and leaving the old, comfortable, safe world, the world of convenience, pain arises. it is the same pain that the child feels when he comes out of the womb of the mother. it is the same pain that the bird feels when he comes out of the egg. it is the same pain that the bird will feel when he will try for the first time to be on the wing. the fear of the unknown, and the security of the known, the insecurity of the unknown, the unpredictability of the unknown makes one very much frightened.
and because the transformation is going to be from the self toward a state of no-self, agony is very deep. but you cannot have ecstasy without going through agony. if the gold wants to be purified, it has to pass through fire.

love is fire.

it is because of the pain of love that millions of people live a loveless life. they, too, suffer, and their suffering is futile. to suffer in love is not to suffer in vain. to suffer in love is creative; it takes you to higher levels of consciousness. to suffer without love is utterly a waste; it leads you nowhere, it keeps you moving in the same vicious circle.

the man who is without love is narcissistic, he is closed. he knows only himself. and how much can he know himself if he has not known the other? because only the other can function as a mirror. you will never know yourself without knowing the other. love is very fundamental for self-knowledge too. the person who has not known the other in deep love, in intense passion, in utter ecstasy, will not be able to know who he is, because he will not have the mirror to see his own reflection.

relationship is a mirror, and the purer the love is, the higher the love is, the better the mirror, the cleaner the mirror. but the higher love needs you to be open. the higher love needs you to be vulnerable. you have to drop your armor; that is painful. you have not to be constantly on guard. you have to drop the calculating mind. you have to risk. you have to live dangerously. the other can hurt you; that is the fear in being vulnerable. the other can reject you; that is the fear of being in love.
the reflection that you will find in the other of your own self may be ugly--that is the anxiety; avoid the mirror! but by avoiding the mirror you are not going to become beautiful. by avoiding the situation you are not going to grow, either. the challenge has to be taken.

one has to go into love. that is the first step toward god, and it cannot be bypassed. those who try to bypass the step of love will never reach god. that is absolutely necessary, because you become aware of your totality only when you are provoked by the presence of the other, when you are brought out of your narcissistic, closed world under the open sky.

love is an open sky. to be in love is to be on the wing. but certainly, the unbounded sky creates fear.
and to drop the ego is very painful because we have been taught to cultivate the ego. we think the ego is our only treasure. we have been protecting it, we have been decorating it, we have been continuously polishing it. and when love knocks on the door, all that is needed to fall in love is to put aside the ego. certainly it is painful. it is your whole life's work, it is all that you have created--this ugly ego, this idea that "I am separate from existence."

this idea is ugly because it is untrue. this idea is illusory, but our society exists, is based on this idea that each person is a person, not a presence.

the truth is that there is no person at all in the world; there is only presence. you are not--not as an ego, separate from the whole. you are part of the whole. the whole penetrates you, the whole breathes in you, pulsates in you, the whole is your life.

love gives you the first experience of being in tune with something that is not your ego. love gives you the first lesson that you can fall into harmony with someone who has never been part of your ego. if you can be in harmony with a woman, if you can be in harmony with a friend, with a man, if you can be in harmony with your child or with your mother, why can't you be in harmony with all human beings? and if you can be in harmony with all human beings, why can't you be in harmony with animals and birds and trees? then one step leads to another.

love is a ladder. it starts with one person, it ends with the totality. love is the beginning, god is the end. to be afraid of love, to be afraid of the growing pains of love, is to remain enclosed in a dark cell. modern man is living in a dark cell. it is narcissistic--narcissism is the greatest obsession of the modern mind. and then there are problems, which are meaningless. there are problems that are creative because they lead you to higher awareness. there are problems that lead you nowhere; they simply keep you tethered, they simply keep you in your old mess. love creates problems. you can avoid those problems by avoiding love--but those are very essential problems! they have to be faced, encountered; they have to be lived and gone through and gone beyond. and to go beyond, the way is through. love is the only real thing worth doing. all else is secondary. if it helps love, it is good. all else is just a means, love is the end. so whatsoever the pain, go into love.

if you don't go into love, as many people have decided, then you are stuck with yourself. then your life is not a pilgrimage, then your life is not a river going to the ocean; your life is a stagnant pool, dirty, and soon there will be nothing but dirt and mud. to keep clean, one needs to keep flowing. a river remains clean because it goes on flowing. flow if the process of remaining continuously virgin.
a lover remains a virgin--all lovers are virgin. the people who don't love cannot remain virgin; they become dormant, stagnant; they start stinking sooner or later--and sooner rather than later--because they have nowhere to go. their life is dead.

that's where modern man finds himself, and because of this, all kinds of neuroses, all kinds of madnesses have become rampant. psychological illness has taken epidemic proportions. it is no longer that a few individuals are psychologically ill; the reality is the whole earth has become a madhouse. the whole of humanity is suffering from a kind of neurosis, and that neurosis is coming from your narcissistic stagnancy. everyone is stuck with their own illusion of having a separate self, then people go mad. and this madness is meaningless, unproductive, uncreative.

you may not commit suicide by taking poison or jumping from a cliff or by shooting yourself, but you can commit a suicide which is a very slow process, and that's what happens. very few people commit suicide suddenly. others have decided for a slow suicide; gradually, slowly, slowly they die. but the tendency to be suicidal has become almost universal.

this is no way to live. and the reason, the fundamental reason, is that we have forgotten the language of love. we are no longer courageous enough to go into that adventure called love.

hence people are interested in sex, because sex is not risky. it is momentary, you don't get involved. love is involvement, it is commitment. it is not momentary. once it takes roots, it can be forever. it can be a lifelong involvement. love needs intimacy, and only when you are intimate does the other become a mirror. when you meet sexually with a woman or a man, you have not met at all; in fact, you avoided the soul of the other person. you just used the body and escaped, and the other used your body and escaped. you never become intimate enough to reveal each other's original faces.

love is the greatest zen koan.

it is painful, but don't avoid it. if you avoid it you have avoided the greatest opportunity to grow. go into it, suffer love, because through the suffering comes great ecstasy. yes, there is agony, but out of the agony, ecstasy is born. yes, you will have to die as an ego, but if you can die as an ego, you will be born as god, as a buddha.

and love will give you the first tongue-tip-taste of tao, of sufism, of zen. love will give you the first proof that life is not meaningless. the people who say life is meaningless are the people who have not known love. all that they are saying is that their life has missed love.

let there be pain, let there be suffering. go through the dark nigh, and you will reach such a beautiful sunrise. it is only in the womb of the dark night that the sun evolves. it is only through the dark night that the morning comes.

my whole approach is that of love. i teach love and only love and nothing else. you can forget about god; that is just an empty word. you can forget about prayers because they are only rituals imposed by others on you. love is the natural prayer, not imposed by anybody. you are born with it. love is the true god--not the god of theologians, but the god of buddha, jesus, mohammed, and the god of the sufis. love is a device, a method to kill you as a separate individual and to help you become the infinite. dissappear as a dewdrop and become the ocean--but you will have to pass through the door of love."


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Positive Peaceful Progress..... [05 Dec 2005|04:32pm]




One example of subtle manipulation and control, which may have affected you already whilst reading this newsletter, can be found with examination of the very title.....

A project specifically created to help with the development of a REAL utopia


Did ya spot it? Feel it...?

Immediately, the "programming" sets in with "that's impossible" or "that'll never happen" kinda thoughts. Thereby placing your mind in a position which is limited in it's awareness and outlook, so the actual information which follows (along with that in the previous newsletter) is more likely not to be understood, or is simply dismissed as "nonsense" or "hippy shite" whatever

Same thing happenz with simple thingz like spelling as well

As you should know (when you 'break' this programming) just because something doesn't conform to a certain way which is acceptable to THE SYSTEM, and all those who are willing (or subtly manipulated) to uphold it's rules and (to be perfectly blunt) it’s fucked-up values, does not reduce the meaning or worth of whatever it is in question

The good news is that more and more people have awoken or are waking-up to these thingz, and that it's not some evil conspiracy at the handz of really nasty people (or aliens;) which is at fault and creating so much suffering for our world and all who dwell upon it, but THE SYSTEM itself

Anything created from the energy of fear is inherently self-destructive, and so what we are seeing worldwide is that system destroying itself and trying to take us down with it

No-one can stop that

BUT, what we CAN do is lay a solid foundation for the natural system, which develops from people uniting on a conscious level and creating changes to the 'old' system, which enables common sense to appear within it, along with encouraging values such as honesty, trust, respect etc to grow, and therefore helping us all reach a point where we can turn to our fellow men and women as equals..... and as a species connected and united to care for our planet and every variety of life surrounding us

This process of development/evolution is speeding up, and with regards the UDP; the various projectx within the whole are becoming more clear in detail, and the steps we require to take are being taken

One question a few people asked, following the first newsletter, was "who's involved?"

The simple answer being, "well...... everybody!"

In order to effectively create peace (oops... there's another one of "them" wordz;) logic and common sense show that it's gonna take all of us, yet naturally (naturally being the operative word) such is going to happen over a natural period of time, so a person's direct involvement in this process of change is something which simply happenz upon being conscious of their power to affect their surroundingz, and then acting upon the energy of love and it's derivative states such as compassion, forgiveness, kindness and so on

As more awaken, and become aware of the various projectx related to the work we're doing, we become more organised and can begin to employ people who are actually ready to be free, providing us with living examples of exactly how thingz will be after the shift in consciousness. Showing people that freedom is pretty wonderful as it 'appenz, and nothing to be scared of. They can remove themselves from the breast of the state now and start living as the beautiful individualz they are

Basically (...and perhaps rather crudely;) a complete removal of shit

...and before ya know it, we'll ALL be there..... together in ACTUAL realized peace

It's not only possible


...and that's the news for this month!

Merry Christmas and a very happy 2006

Oh – The website (a portal of useful information & entertainment) has been refined and is ready to promote now….. hope ya like it :-) http://www.gmaxx.com
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