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Utopian Development Project

Positive Peaceful Progress.....



One example of subtle manipulation and control, which may have affected you already whilst reading this newsletter, can be found with examination of the very title.....

A project specifically created to help with the development of a REAL utopia


Did ya spot it? Feel it...?

Immediately, the "programming" sets in with "that's impossible" or "that'll never happen" kinda thoughts. Thereby placing your mind in a position which is limited in it's awareness and outlook, so the actual information which follows (along with that in the previous newsletter) is more likely not to be understood, or is simply dismissed as "nonsense" or "hippy shite" whatever

Same thing happenz with simple thingz like spelling as well

As you should know (when you 'break' this programming) just because something doesn't conform to a certain way which is acceptable to THE SYSTEM, and all those who are willing (or subtly manipulated) to uphold it's rules and (to be perfectly blunt) it’s fucked-up values, does not reduce the meaning or worth of whatever it is in question

The good news is that more and more people have awoken or are waking-up to these thingz, and that it's not some evil conspiracy at the handz of really nasty people (or aliens;) which is at fault and creating so much suffering for our world and all who dwell upon it, but THE SYSTEM itself

Anything created from the energy of fear is inherently self-destructive, and so what we are seeing worldwide is that system destroying itself and trying to take us down with it

No-one can stop that

BUT, what we CAN do is lay a solid foundation for the natural system, which develops from people uniting on a conscious level and creating changes to the 'old' system, which enables common sense to appear within it, along with encouraging values such as honesty, trust, respect etc to grow, and therefore helping us all reach a point where we can turn to our fellow men and women as equals..... and as a species connected and united to care for our planet and every variety of life surrounding us

This process of development/evolution is speeding up, and with regards the UDP; the various projectx within the whole are becoming more clear in detail, and the steps we require to take are being taken

One question a few people asked, following the first newsletter, was "who's involved?"

The simple answer being, "well...... everybody!"

In order to effectively create peace (oops... there's another one of "them" wordz;) logic and common sense show that it's gonna take all of us, yet naturally (naturally being the operative word) such is going to happen over a natural period of time, so a person's direct involvement in this process of change is something which simply happenz upon being conscious of their power to affect their surroundingz, and then acting upon the energy of love and it's derivative states such as compassion, forgiveness, kindness and so on

As more awaken, and become aware of the various projectx related to the work we're doing, we become more organised and can begin to employ people who are actually ready to be free, providing us with living examples of exactly how thingz will be after the shift in consciousness. Showing people that freedom is pretty wonderful as it 'appenz, and nothing to be scared of. They can remove themselves from the breast of the state now and start living as the beautiful individualz they are

Basically (...and perhaps rather crudely;) a complete removal of shit

...and before ya know it, we'll ALL be there..... together in ACTUAL realized peace

It's not only possible


...and that's the news for this month!

Merry Christmas and a very happy 2006

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