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2012 - awakening now

all the signz/signalz/messages are there

we're all uniting with awareness/consciousness and will make it through the shift ok - have no fear and just keep shining on

from 2012

Beloved Diviners of Harmony,

It is my job to facilitate your unique awakening by sharing with you the information that is pertinent to your role as a Diviner of Harmony. (Over and over again, the Masters continue to counsel me "Simplify . . . Simplify . . . " And that is what I will do).

The Divine Purpose of the Mayans was to come to our planet and make sure that the galactic harmonic pattern was presented and recorded.

The Mayans may not have been the first of the Galactic Masters to communicate this information from outside our solar system. As a matter of fact, there is information which supports the fact that others seeded the planet sometime around the entry of the current Harmonic Beam (which was 3113 B.C. . . . the beginning of the Mayan Calendar and what is called the Great Cycle). While the Classic Mayan civilization occurred predominantly between 435-830 A.D., the Mayans are credited with bringing the galactic information matrix to us in its entirety.

I agree that it would be interesting to delve into the history of Earth since the beginning of the Great Cycle and see how the Mayan Prophecies were validated. However, since we only have a few years until the end of the cycle (December 21, 2012 A.D.) it is more appropriate that we focus on what lies ahead and concentrate on the roles that we contracted to play during these awesome as well as challenging times. So, let's get right to the hub of the matter.

First of all . . . .what is a Diviner of Harmony?

In his book "The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology," Jose Arguelles explains, "To divine is to know directly by mind." To be a Diviner of Harmony would then be to know directly the harmonic frequencies of a level or stage of being. And . . . in a manner of speaking . . . to be able to tune into and even take on the qualities of that level or stage of being.

Does this sound familiar to you? It should. After all, we have all been working on raising our vibrations from that of the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension. We have all experienced being in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, either through meditation or in the waking state for short periods of time. AND . . . . we are ALL working in the higher dimensions when our bodies are in sleep mode and not tied to the illusions of the Third Dimension by our ego. As we continue to raise our vibrations we will remember those times that we are working in the higher dimensions more and more upon awakening from our earth sleep time.

While being able to tune into and take on the qualities of different levels or stages of being is natural for a "fully awakened" Diviner of Harmony, most of us have to work at lowering our brain wave activity and raising our vibrations (using various modalities) in order to experience the higher dimensions. However, the more we do it, the more we raise our consciousness. Eventually it becomes a matter of "knowing." And, in the process of "knowing" . . . we are automatically "doing."

The Ancient Mayans were Diviners of Harmony. And, we are Diviners of Harmony. It's just that some of us have not yet fully awakened to this fact yet . . . in this dimension and reality. This is one of the reasons why Pacal Votan is here now. . .To assist those Mayan Galactic Masters who are incarnate on Earth at this time to awaken to All that they ARE, and to work with those who have already awakened in facilitating the Ascension of the planet.

We do not have to master the technical aspects of the Harmonic Module in order to awaken or do our work. As a matter of fact, many of you have been doing the work for some time, not even knowing who you are or why you are drawn to the work you are doing.

Those of you who are musicians and artists instinctively know the "basics." You already know the important role that harmony and balance play in raising your vibrations as well as the vibrations of the whole. You are already familiar with wave harmonics and frequency changes. Now, all you have to do is develop (or "remember") the ability to apply this knowledge and use it to pass directly from one state of being to another.

One of the prime directives of achieving alignment with The Whole as a Diviner of Harmony is to extend your realization to other local star systems. By doing this you perpetuate the galactic matrix and contribute to the continually growing and changing web of self-reflective intelligence. Ah, but I think I got ahead of myself.

If we were to have time to review the history of our planet since the beginning of the Great Cycle, we could see how everything evolved according to the prophecies of the Ancient Mayans. It is fascinating to see how, whenever the Ascension process gets slowed down by "free choice," a Mayan Galactic Master happens along to spark the fire once more.

At the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1988 there was a great explosion of energy. Most did not know quite what it was or why it happened, but it was a part of an experiment in living according to the understanding that the Mayans had of calendars, timing systems, and a mathematics that describes time as the fourth dimension.

Yes, it was because of the choices that thousands of Light Servers made back in 1988 that the planet shifted from the Third Dimension into the lowest levels of the Fourth Dimension. At the same time, all those life forms interconnected with the planet (the flora, the fauna and man) automatically made the shift, which accelerated to the middle levels of the Fourth Dimension by the 1990's and is now in the higher levels of the Fourth Dimension.

Because we live on a planet of "free choice," it does not matter what level of Ascension the planet is experiencing. If we do not embrace the Ascension Process we will not have the ability to move from one dimension to another. However, everyone (including the flora and fauna) will continue to experience the higher vibrations because of our innate interconnectedness with the planet. (It's the old "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" syndrome).

What happens when those who have not embraced the Ascension Process experience the higher vibrations but do not know what it is they are experiencing, or why? They become agitated . . . . fearful . . . . and angry. This is what throws off the balance of energies, which affects the harmony that facilitates enlightenment and the Ascension Process.

This is why you . . . the Diviners of Harmony . . .are awakening now. It is our job to ensure that the prophecies come into being . . . to facilitate the harmony and balance that is required in order for the planet to complete its Ascension Process.

How do we do this? First, by striving to achieve balance within ourselves and in all of our relations. Second, by teaching others and assisting them in achieving balance within themselves and all of their relations.

Since the creation of Earth, everything that has transpired throughout the history of the planet has done so according to Divine Order and Purpose. There were times when we strayed so far from our path that it seemed we might never find it again. It was during these times that certain events, including the appearance of Masters and Avatars like Jesus, Buddha and the Galactic Mayans served to assist us in finding our way back.

We are now in the final phase of the Great Cycle. Ascension is imminent. It is time for those of us who are here now to fully awaken to the fact that WE are the Avatars . . . the Galactic Masters. We ARE the Christ . . . the Buddha . . . the Mahatma.

The Mayans gave us some wonderful tools to work with, but it is important to understand that we ARE the Mayans who brought these tools to earth so that we could have them when it was appropriate to use them.

It is important to also understand that WE are The Mayan Factor.

What is the Mayan Factor? In Jose Arguelles' words, "The Mayan Factor is the beginning glimpse of a galactic knowing, a science from the "other side," a connection so vital and necessary for our survival and our evolution that it begs us to embrace the living path of prophecy, the path beyond technology."

I think its important to add that each life form on this planet is an aspect/extension/essence of that galactic knowing . . . that science from the "other side" . . . that connection so vital and necessary for the survival and evolution of all life forms on this planet, in this galaxy, and beyond. And by embracing the living path of prophecy, we become that "Path Beyond Technology."

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