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Friendz in need:

jane sighs upon another day
lost to health, she breathes
and bleeds through a dialysis machine

while i scream

as a honey-pie sweetie gets beaten
relentless danger, fear corrupts
yet she remains with a warming smile

while i cry

for help to help us all
friendz close and far a part
"action now" i call to end procrastination
"fuck this patience"
why should we be carrying out this sentence?
we've done no crime
as nature defines
so why?
king kut
is all the same whatever your name
we're all to blame so end that game
for starters
let's bring us to laughter
and truth
for you


shall we review exactly where we're up to....?

in the legend of the fake

lies control

from the big whoppers like "as we and our coalition partners are doing in Afghanistan, we will bring to the Iraqi people food and medicines and supplies -- and freedom" to the comparatively small fish, such as "i did not have sexual relations with that woman" we're fed such a constant stream of bullshit from the authorities we've been told to trust that our lives are bleekly immersed in a cultural quagmire which is basically an oblique fantasy only fit for fools

idolism of celebrity illusion and political correctness carry on the cycle of lies, mistaken programmed prejudices and twisted materialistic values which create more intricate levels of this pantomime world we put up with

it's sickening and deeply heartbreaking that all of us decent (and fucking nice) people are led into confusion, unwittingly upholding the status quo hierarchy which is dragging us all down

angelz in chains

but, enuff of my disgusted ranting - let's take things gently, without the fuck wordz which illustrate just one of those subtle but persistant lies which control those who allow individualized expression to affect their thought process, in believing such is "bad/foul/uncouth/uneducated language" and thus missing out on the real information being shared

same with "God" - whatever your personal belief/perspective on that subject

whilst we're pitched into subjective arguements we're allowing the really vital-to-our-future topicx to blow away into the wind of reality's on-going flight

the factx:

i could say to you that a cabal has highjacked the U.S. Government and is holding the world to ransom whilst their braod scale NWO advances a many-generational agenda for energy dominance (absolute control) of this planet and all it's inhabitants - i could say the next stage of that agenda lookx like beginning on Mar 20th - i could also present mountains of evidence (which many many people have spend valuable time & energy meticulously uncovering) which could help you see this, so that you become so politically-aware, yet it still may not be true, or there could be a wider truth hiding where perhaps even good intentions may be revealed on their part

the point is... it's pointless to argue/debate these sorta thingz

well, perhaps not pointless, as people oughtta know what's going on (as far as is being uncovered)(check NBIC stuff as a cutting-edge example) to alert them to the trap they're willingly walking into, but it is a distraction of energy when we haven't got the luxury of a lotta time, which could be used to focus on what we can do to ged rid of the poo

gaining the power of knowledge


the quest for factx meanz that us decent honest folks need to unite to raise our voice and utilize our power to demand and receive THE TRUTH

(Banshee and The Truth Party being specifically created to catalyze and perform this task)

removing misinformation from our lives we may just find that trust, respect, kindness, unconditional love and simple FUN all flourish ~ all knowing where we stand, and realizing that ANY problem brought to US (as a familia species) WE CAN SOLVE

open honest communication

if we generate, glorify, MAGNIFY this core concept how can such fail....?

spirit of purty

come together


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