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That we are moving into a time of profound change is a message that many people of many different cultures are receiving in many different ways. Not just through "direct transmission"; it is apparent to anyone awake enough and courageous enough simply to think, that we are moving into a period of unprecedented change. Whether you focus on the exponential growth of technology (which is beginning to allow totally amoral entities (corporations) to alter DNA and otherwise toy with the foundations of physical existence) or whether you focus on the fact that the "system" as we know it is on the brink of collapse (economic globalization is a global pyramid scheme, doomed for the same reason as all pyramid schemes) or whether you focus on the "environment" (and the awakening that global warming is bringing), it is obvious even at the thought level that we are moving into something unprecedented.

At that level, I think that the nation-state system (an experiment little more than half a millennium old) is going to break down very soon, probably within decades. Transnational corporations depend on governments in order to function, but through "free trade" they are increasingly weakening the power of governments to do anything except try to physically control populations to serve the transnational agenda, and combined with other factors like migrations of populations across borders, they are making governments increasingly irrelevant. The transnationals are like parasites killing their host -- when governments die, the transnationals will die with them. The nature of the corporate system is such that corporations -- at least the powerful ones, in order to have grown powerful in the first place -- cannot even act in their own long-term interests; they can only focus on the profits of the next quarter or two.

Whether the collapse of the system is a soft landing or a hard landing for our species depends on how fast it happens and how awakened and prepared our species groupmind is, and the awakening is spreading very fast, such that I think our species is willing itself to prepare for a transition that is gradual and positive rather than traumatically abrupt.

And the reason for this, I think and receive, is because the change that is happening at this time is more than just socio-political. Much, much more. But if our species groupmind -- already carrying much trauma for the past few thousand years in its collective memory -- has to deal with even more massive trauma, it will just make the real Transformation a more difficult birth.

("Transformation" is the word that I have been told to use for the change that is coming, in spite of the fact that it can be misunderstood in many ways.)

What is the scope of the Transformation? Although people everywhere are sensing change, I have seen the change framed by many people as relatively trivial -- compared, for example, to the Renaissance, or the mere change from one 2100-year zodiacal age to another (according to some ways of drawing the boundaries between constellations, the Age of Aquarius begins in 2013).

What I have received, however, is that the Transformation is far greater than that.

What I have received is that this planet has had three great "moments": first, the birth of the Planet itself; second, the emergence of Life on this Planet; and third, the emergence of human-style consciousness within Life.

This "moment," I have received, is a fourth great "moment" comparable to those three.

And this Transformation will effect the entire Planet, not just the human species groupmind. Western culture since the Greeks has been obsessed with the question of "what separates Man from the animals" -- but the emergence of human-style consciousness was not something that separates us from the rest of Life. Human consciousness is an EXTENSION of the collective consciousness -- not a separation. We have had a hyperdevelopment of the aspects of consciousness which are distinct to our species, while letting the deeper layers of consciousness which are shared with all life to atrophy. Those deeper layers are also what connect us to each other, so it is no wonder that, as we have fragmented ourselves off from the rest of our Planet, we have also fragmented internally, losing our sense of connection to the One Consciousness, and, fractally, that also causes internal fragmentation of ourselves as individuals.

The reconnection happens simultaneously within ourselves as individuals, within the Human species groupmind, between our species and Life as a whole, and between our species and the One Consciousness of all Creation.

But it is more than just recovering the consciousness of unity and connection that our species all had before "civilization" began. In coming full circle, we are bringing something powerful back to the groupmind.

Our species has been through a deep trauma over the past few thousand years, and we have developed a negative self-image as a species, and a negative self-image is a self-fulfilling prophecy, at the species level just as at the individual level.

But if you have a trauma, and you manage to move through it and out the other side, you are wiser and deeper than you would have been if you had never had that trauma in the first place.

This is what I see our species moving through, collectively, as we struggle to heal ourselves as individuals and as a species. Every individual who heals himself or herself contributes to the healing of the Whole.

We have been, I have received, destined to move through this fourth great "moment" at this time. It did not have to be as traumatic as it has turned out to be -- it is sort of like a "breech birth" that threatens the life of both mother and child -- but when we get through it, it will be a new phase of existence. For ALL Being, for the One Consciousness as a WHOLE, not just for the human species. All of our experience belongs to ALL of Consciousness, and ultimately enriches it.

I resonate with those who say that 2012 is the "end of time," because I receive that at that point, the Human groupmind is going to start moving outside of its focus on linear time, and dates on a linear calendar are going to become increasingly irrelevant. The Mayan calendar, I have received, is more than just another system for fixing dates in time. It has multidimensional aspects that will begin to be discovered. That is why people are being drawn to the Mayan calendar, without knowing why.

These are some things that I have received about the scope of the Change that is happening.

The One Consciousness is experiencing through all of us. We are all of us (every manifest and nonmanifest being, not just humans) expressions of the One Consciousness experiencing countless different experiences from countless different points of view. It is sort of like a huge role-playing game it plays with itself. When it is in a role, it is really in it, and fully believes in what it is experiencing.

But right now the game is getting a little wacked out, so the One Consciousness needs to reset the game. In order to do that, it has to kind of "wake up" within the role-play -- kind of like waking up within a dream to lucid-dream. It is trying to lucid-dream, to operate within the game -- to continue playing as the characters, but with the conscious realization of who it =really= is.

There have always been people whose role in the game has been to try to awaken within the dream. The various spiritual disciplines developed ove the millennia have been the way that the One Consciousness has practiced and gained experience at waking itself up. That is because this time would come, when it needed to wake itself up completely.

This it is trying to do in order to consciously re-set the game, which is getting wacked-out. But, actually, the crises themselves are created by the One Consciousness to catalyze our collective awakening. It is about to set the game at a new level of play, in which it dreams the dream lucidly, so to speak, with full awareness of who and what it is.

At our level, the individuated level, that means that individuals will live their lives in the awareness of being a single consciousness.

Due to accumulated debris and rust in their channels (aka karma, trauma, ego, etc) the One Consciousness has a harder time awakening through some of its expressions than others. But when the One Consciousness awakens in someone, they remember. "Oh. Yeah. Of course. I knew it all along. We all know it, we are all the same being, I am everyone and everyone is me."

As I said, at our level, the individuated level, that means that individuals will live their lives in the full awareness of being a single consciousness, and all the more aware of the precious uniqueness of their experience and their unique way of participating in the co-creation of the universe. After all, that is why the One Consciousness became "them" in the first place, in order to experience.

At that level, human behavior changes, not because the One Consciousness is "good" and tells people to be "good," but because, in awareness that they are One Being, they recognize that everyone's experience (including nonhuman beings' experience) is their own. A society based on empathy, rather than rules, behaves a different way.

So, my definition of enlightenment is -- not when "you wake up" but when the One Consciousness awakes through you. Not when "you" remember, but when it remembers through you.

When this happens suddenly to someone, especially someone unprepared, they may temporarily pass through a period of feeling messianic, deity-like, etc. But when they pass through that, they realize that the "messiah" or "God" is not them, it's all of us and far more.

Every individual who becomes "enlightened" contributes to the awakening of the human groupmind, and through the human groupmind, the re-awakening of the One Consciousness in every being, every river and mountain ... Human consciousness and the consciousness of the rest of creation have always been linked. The One Consciousness has been experimenting with a special brand of consciousness through us humans, but that experiment has run its course -- and now, as we awaken, the distinctive human modes of consciousness and other modes of consciousness (plants, minerals, etc) will be reintegrated, and we will all of us (all beings) have access to all modes of consciousness. Because we are all the same being.

I have seen suggestions that 2012 "is just a repeat of Y2K." But the brief Y2K ripple was just a manifestation of what is happening in the human groupmind as we approach the 2012. The more that people feel this energy happening, the more they jump on an explanation for what they are feeling.

Y2K made people visualize the collapse of the infrastructure, visualize how they would survive in a collapse. That visualization in the groupmind will prove to be important.

The 2012 is less a point in linear time than a focal point that we can synchronize on so that the One Consciousness can awaken. The very act of synchronizing a significant critical mass of the awakened or awakening part of the groupmind -- synchronizing our consciousness does it. There is something that is calling to people all over the place and giving them messages to focus and synchronize on this point in linear time. That is why so many different prophecies are converging. That is why global warming, which had been predicted not to manifest significant human-affecting effects for at least a century or two, decided to speed up and manifest right now, right when the human groupmind needs as strong a catalyst as it can get in order to wake up. This is why the US got a president who is destroying the system from the inside and helping to catalyze a degree of awakening in a lot more people.

It doesn't matter if "the majority of people" wake up or not. There is no "majority of people." There is one human groupmind, which is in turn a unique manifestation of One field of Consciousness. "The majority of people" follow whatever they sense the groupmind doing, and the groupmind will be guided by its awakened part, especially now.
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